How To Choose The Best Camping Tent

Anyone who likes nature has ever thought about or had the opportunity to go camping, right? There is no lack of exuberant places in Brazil. It’s the time to relax, discover new horizons, enjoy beautiful landscapes, and exchange ideas with friends. However, if you are a first-timer, you need to take some precautions before planning your camp to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

One of the items to be evaluated is the camping tent like American Tent for example. After all, how do you choose the ideal model among so many options on the market? You must be careful at these times not to buy a poor-quality tent, as it will be your home for a few days.

Before anything, it is necessary to keep in mind the conditions for using this equipment. That is why it is essential to analyze: the type of terrain you intend to camp, the climate in the region, the structure of the surroundings, the frequency of use, and the time you will carry it. All of this will influence the ideal choice.

To help you on this quest, we’ve listed below some must-haves that need to be carefully evaluated. Five questions are to be evaluated to choose the best camping tent. Before making the purchase, it is essential to check the items below:

1 – Size

How many people will stay with you? It is essential to buy a tent with a capacity above what you need. This will provide more comfort while camping.

2 – Weight

You must always consider your size, strength, and physical capacity. Tents vary widely due to size and material. Therefore, it is essential to consider how many people will be housed with you and whether you will have to carry it for a long time. Small tents usually weigh from 0.5 kg to 1.5 kg, medium tents from 2 kg to 4 kg, and large ones from 5 kg to 10 kg.

3 – Ventilation

Before camping, it is necessary to check if the camping site is cold, has strong wind currents, or mild climate. This directly impacts the choice of tent. Give preference to products that have wide windows and doors, as well as mosquito netting. This will ensure greater ventilation and will prevent insects from entering the tent.

4 – Overhead

Don’t buy models that don’t have an overhead. Remember, you are outdoors, and you need all the protection possible as you are subject to climate change. The roof covers the entire tent and helps with waterproofing on rainy days.

5 – Waterproofing

Be aware that not all tents are waterproof. So be careful when buying. Choose a model with a water column above 1000 mm. Look at the manufacturer’s technical information to avoid getting wet.

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