CBD products and addiction, an overview

CBD stands for cannabinoids and the origin of CBD is enough for people to confuse it with Marijuana. Since CBD comes from cannabis plants where Marijuana also is present, both are different. You will get different health benefits by consuming each of them and their side effects will also differ. However, the proportion of THC in the products will only decide the nature of the product. This confusion between CBD and Marijuana has led to other questions about the addictive nature of the products. Those looking into CBD supplements might be wondering “Is CBD Addictive” and the answer is a bit more complicated than we’ll get into here. Synchronicity has dived into this topic, so defer to them. Let us discuss what Synchronicity says considering CBD products and addiction.

What causes addiction to cannabis products?

The addiction factor present in cannabis products is known as THC. If the product consists of higher levels of THC, the consumer will get a head high and there will be several mental alterations. These mental alterations will make a change in their minds’ response to the consumption itself. The pleasure they get from the head high makes them repeat the consumption without a limit. It is nothing but an addiction to a particular product. However, most scientific reports claim that the consumption of CBD-rich products like hemp oils will not cause any mental alteration. So, the person who is consuming CBD-rich hemp products will not become addicted to the consumption and he will not experience any withdrawal symptoms. The person will not have sleeplessness, unnecessary irritability, and many other symptoms of addiction. So, you can try CBD products to get their medicinal benefits without fearing their ability to make you get addicted to them.

How could CBD products help against addiction?

Along with restricting you from getting addicted to the products themselves, the CBD-rich hemp products will allow you some anti-addiction capabilities also. Although there are no solid proofs for the anti-addiction abilities of hemp products, reports claim that they can help in the following,

  • Relief from the toxicity of cocaine.
  • Reduced behavioral sensitization caused by amphetamines.
  • Helps as an alternative for several addictive pain killers as these products can get you relief from even chronic pains at ease. You need not get addicted to these painkillers.
  • Helps in withdrawal from drug usage like cocaine and meth.

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