Benefits of using bean bags

Bean bags have played a significant role in the design of common areas since the 1960s. But with various improvements in technology, they are now becoming a common furniture option for modern bedrooms as well. A Bean bag bed is simply a sealed bag that contains expanded polystyrene, pellets, or dried beans. Even if someone is working on the laptop while sitting on it, it calms down the person’s mood. There are a lot of advantages as well as health benefits of using this. Let’s discuss those.

What are the advantages of using bean bags?

The various advantages of using bean bags are-

  • Good posture – According to theory, the best position for the spine is to sit up straight in the chair with the back in the proper position. But maintaining this posture is quite challenging. That is where a bean bag bed is helpful. They provide support to the lower back that will give relaxation to the body after a tiring day.
  • Inexpensive- Bean bags are very cost-effective. A typical couch can cost a small fortune, or an entire house can be furnished with a variety of bean bags with much less investment
  • Comfortable- Bean bags are very much comfortable. A lot of shapes and sizes are available so that anyone can buy as per someone’s choice. Put fewer beans for getting a soft bean bag and more beans for getting a firmer feel.
  • Outdoor use- Bean bags of high quality can be used outdoors. Modern bean bags are waterproof and also have UV protection that makes them suitable for outdoor uses.
  • Can be easily cleaned- It is a nightmare to clean the regular beds but cleaning these bean bags does not create any such issues. Simply take off the outer cover and follow the washing guidelines to clean it properly without damaging it.
  • Long lasting- Regular mattresses last for eight years and it costs a large amount of money to reconstruct them. But bean bags are long-lasting and it requires a small amount of money to renovate them. However, the stuffing needs to be replaced in time but it also costs very less.
  • Portable – Shifting these bean bags is easy. These beds may be picked up and moved as a single unit without the hassle of disassembling and reassembling. Most of these bags are lightweight so there is no such problem in shifting them from one place to other.

Though there are various benefits of using bean bag beds it has a few disadvantages such as – it is difficult to dispose of as they consist of foam balls which are harmful to the environment and sometimes they are made up of polystyrene which is not environment friendly. Also these bags can tear easily and can create a huge mess as the filling comes out of it.


Using a bean bag bed in the house or even in the office provides a lot of advantages and is also helpful for health such as improving posture, a cozy environment for good sleep, and many more. But also, it consists of some disadvantages which one should look after before buying a bean bag.

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